Welcome to Personalized Printing

Personalized Printing has been serving Waseca & the surrounding communities' printing needs since 1992.

Mac SE/30

The business began in founder Barb Buker's basement; her first project was creating a calendar for the local school on a Mac SE while surrounded by kids and cats.

Barb was soon recruited for other small projects around the Waseca area, until her business outgrew the tiny basement room. So began the search for a new spot in downtown Waseca.

Dale Kritzer, a well-known businessman in Waseca, owned the building at the corner of South State Street and Elm Avenue. At first Dale rented the back of the building to Barb. In this small space, Barb added a press and bindery equipment to print and finish her customers' printing needs.

Business Cards

Business was good at Personalized Printing. After several years, every inch of this back room was maximized, so the question of where to go for breathing room needed to be answered. Because Dale owned the entire building, he made a proposal to Barb and her husband Mark to purchase the entire building.

Printing Press

Because of the new breathing room, the Bukers could purchase additional presses and equipment to meet the growing needs of their customers. Barb also took on a new business partner named Lady, a beautiful mutt who greeted the customers at the door with a sweet bump on their knee and a wag of her tail. Repeat customers would come in the front door and yell out, "Lady, where are you?"


Many employees have come and gone at Personalized Printing, but for the last two years, Barb has employed Eric, who has been a press operator since he was 13 years old. Eric has 25 years of experience with printing and bindery finishing. He even works on an old letterpress from the turn of the century to number, perforate and score, and it can even use lead and wood type to print.


Since Lady's passing, a new dog, named Belle, has taken over Lady's duties as the official greeter. Belle is wonderful in helping with paper selection and shoe chewing! Lady's picture remains on the north side of the building. She will be remembered fondly in many customers' hearts.

Mac SE/30

Nearly 20 years have gone by since Barb began the business in her basement. God has been with her every step of the way, giving her inspiration and determination. One cat, Rascal, still remains from the early days. The kids are grown and on their own, and Barb's grandchildren play with her on her days off.

Personalized Printing remains vibrant and growing along with the community. Stop in or call. Barb, Eric and Belle would love to speak to you about your printing needs!